O que é Mailman em inglês?


O que é Mailman em inglês?

O que é Mailman em inglês?

mailman {substantivo} carteiro {m.}

Qual o oposto de Man?

Antônimos de Man woman mulher fuleiro cagueta dedo duro chato bizonho mais...

What is the meaning of Minutemen?

noun, plural Min·ute·men. (sometimes lowercase) a member of a group of American militiamen just before and during the Revolutionary War who held themselves in readiness for instant military service. a U.S. intercontinental ballistic missile with three stages, powered by solid-propellant rocket engines.

What did the Minutemen do in the Revolutionary War?

Minutemen. Armed American civilians who were active in the Revolutionary War and in the period just preceding the war. They were named Minutemen because they were ready to fight alongside regular soldiers at a moment's notice. The Minutemen of Massachusetts were especially well known. ( See Battle of Lexington and Concord .)

What is a good sentence for Minuteman?

Examples of minuteman in a Sentence. The minutemen hold the ceremony two Saturdays before Patriots Day each year, opening the season of Revolutionary War reenactment events around the region, according to Jeannette Pothier, 75, of Bedford, who is sergeant quartermaster for the company.

What is the Minutemen mug?

Get the minutemen mug. 1) A group of men from all over America who are patrolling a 36 mile strech of the border Arizona shares with Sonora. They alert Border Patrol when they see illiegal aliens crossing over. They are doing this as a symbol that the Bush Administration needs to do more about illiegal immigration.

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