O que o hospital oferece?


O que o hospital oferece?

O que o hospital oferece?

Além da atenção especial à enfermidades, com diagnóstico, tratamento, reabilitação e atendimento de emergências, o ambiente hospitalar ainda se ocupa com a prevenção, que é o controle de doenças infecto-contagiosas, a saúde ocupacional e a promoção à saúde, por exemplo.

What is UAMS Medical Center known for?

In 2011, UAMS Medical Center was awarded and named the "Top Hospital" out of 23 in the Little Rock Metropolitan Area by U.S. News & World Report. It is also recognized as a "high performing" hospital in the areas of Cancer, Ear, Nose and Throat, Gynecology, and Nephrology.

What types of procedures do UAMS providers perform?

UAMS providers perform and prescribe a broad range of treatments and procedures, some of which may not be listed below. Commonly called open-heart surgery, cardiothoracic surgery focuses on the heart, blood vessels, heart valves, esophagus, and lungs.

Who will you see during a stay at UAMS?

During a stay at UAMS Medical Center, a patient may see a number of highly-trained people dedicated to their care. This quick guide can help identify who is who. Volunteers are a vital part of day-to-day operations at our hospital.

How do I request an appointment with a UAMS Doctor?

Request an appointment directly with your clinic or by calling the main UAMS appointment line at (501) .

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